The importance of location in a yoga retreat

When choosing yoga retreats Spain or anywhere else in the world, a lot of question start popping up in your mind. yoga retreats spainYou don’t know if it’s better for you to go to the beach or the mountains. You can also choose a house or a retreat center and traveling close to home or far away. In our yoga holidays spain we make it easy, as we can offer you as many possibilities as you can imagine.

Yoga retreats Spain | How We Provide what You Need

Our yoga retreats Spain are the ones that offer you the most wide range of options for you to choose what are you up for in your next holidays. In a new state of relaxation and wellness, you will start to give more space to your dreams. You will feel more open to your own potential and abundance. As Gloria Steinem said,

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning

We are the first yoga retreat canary islands that provides that many possibilities to the guest. That is why we can be sure that our Spain yoga retreat always has a good answer to all the doubts that you might have before booking a yoga retreat.


Yoga retreats Spain |  Beach or Country Side?

In our Spain yoga retreat you can have it all. yoga retreats spainOn one hand, we offer you all year round yoga holidays Spain in front of the beach of Las Canteras. It is 10km beach considered the best in Europe. Imagine how practicing yoga southern Spain would be if the most soft sunny weather would be your every day companion. You can find more information about that option at the following link: Yoga Retreat Spain.


In our yoga retreats Spain you can fully enjoy of the beach all year long,as the Canary Islands are known by their eternal spring.


If you prefer to enjoy of the best weather in Europe at the country side, we can also propose you to join the best yoga retreat Spain. They all take place in the magic of Agaete, in  the west coast of Gran Canaria. In that special yoga retreats you will be able to choose which is the focus that you prefer for your days abroad (detox, horse riding, yoga teacher training, etc.). Once you’ve chosen it, you could mix it with delicious Spanish vegetarian food, daily yoga and meditation and lots of moments to relax. You can find more information about that option at the end of the following link: Yoga Retreats Europe


Yoga retreats Spain | Free Time for Myself or Better Share It?

Most yoga retreats Spain are organized in beautiful locations where all the services are limited to the ones provided by the yoga retreat center.  You eat what the menu includes, do the activities scheduled and swim at the pool of the yoga retreat facilities in the hot Andalucia weather. You spend almost all of time with other like-minded people that you barely know. This option can give you lots of opportunities and it is great if you are really up for it. But when we were trying to go a little further with our yoga retreat canary island we didn’t know yet that we were probably designing  one of the best yoga retreats of the world.

yoga retreats spainIn all of our special yoga retreats spain we organize all the yoga lessons, some activities and even organic food menus with a certain focus depending of the sort of retreat we are planning (detox retreat, retreats for women, health retreats, etc.). You will also share the space with other unknown like-minded people, so you will have the possibility to meet and share with other people who has the same interests than you. But what makes us different is that our yoga retreat center is in the middle of a small village surrounded by stunning nature. So in our retreat spain we make sure that you will also have free time to explore by yourself the the magic valley around. Maybe you prefer to have a nice cup of tea in a terrace while chatting with locals or reading your book. Even you would like to take a refreshing bath in the natural swimming pools that you will reach with a 15minutes walk. You can find more information about that option at the following link: Yoga Retreats Europe

If you would like to have even more privacy and plan your yoga holidays Spain as you wish, we also have the best option for you. In our yoga holidays we organize your daily yoga lessons and as many accommodation nights as you please. The rest, is totally up to you. Our yoga holiday Spain are located in the charming city of Las Palmas, in a very quiet neighborhood right in front of Las Canteras beach. Our special location makes possible to have any services that you might need (vegetarian and international food restaurants, supermakets, pharmacies, museums, etc.) in a short walk. With that yoga holidays Spain option, you will be able to choose which level of privacy do you want by choosing to stay at our hostel or private apartments (all front beach). How you spend your day will be totally up to you. You will be able to choose where to eat and what extra activities you would like to add to your pack (surf lessons, daytrip, tapas tour, private yoga lessons, massage, etc.) You can find more information about that option at the following link: Yoga Retreat Spain.

Yoga retreats Spain | Relax and Enjoy or Focus on Your Personal Growth?

When we first thought about organizing yoga holiday we realized that there can be two different approaches. You can either come to our yoga holidays spain do enjoy some days by the beach, practice yoga daily and simply giving yourself some days to do whatever you please. Or join the special spain yoga retreat that resonates more within you and not only practice yoga, but also take a big step in your personal evolution.

Our yoga holiday spain is a brand new concept in which we provide with the basics such as accommodation and daily yoga lessons. The rest, is totally up to you. You can either join us in all sorts of extra activities or keep your free time for yourself to use it however you want. You can even take your computer and spend some healthy working days abroad or try something new such as horse riding, diving or surfing. We are always told what we have to do, feeling we have to follow a certain path and feeling guilty every time that we do something for ourselves. This is your opportunity to leave self doubt, blame or any other sort of feeling that is limiting you and take some days for your own good. Spain yoga lessons and living right in front of Las Canteras beach, will for sure help. Just in case you still need a boost of relaxation before coming to do some yoga spain, you can check out this wonderful guided meditation by Deepak Chopra:

Each of our yoga retreats spain have a different focus so you can find exactly what your were looking for. You will find some days where your body and mind will totally feel healed and restored in our detox retreats. You will take much more knowledge home when you join our raw food workshops and learn how to build your own yoga practice in our health retreats. Release your body and let your own potential bloom with yoga, dance and meditation practices in our glow as you go retreat spain. If you feel there is some aspect of your femininity that you want to empower, you can join us in any of our retreats for women. Last but not least, our yoga teacher trainings will be certified by the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga and you will have all the tools to find your own voice. All our spain yoga retreat take place in the valley of Agaete, where delicious organic food and breathtaking landscapes will nurture you. You will be able to simply relax and let the magic happen.

Yoga retreats Spain | Should I Adapt to Fixed Dates or Dates Should Adapt Me?

We love our job so much that we open our yoga retreats spain all year round. The sweet Canarian weather gives us an eternal spring, with not much differences between summer and winter. Sunny days caressed with the soft ocean breeze surrounds us in the perfect atmosphere for a deeper relaxation. It is only in that state that we can open to all the inner potential that will happen while a yoga holiday.

In See Yoga you can join our all year round yoga holiday spain as many days as you please or organize your time to be part of our special spain yoga retreat

Yoga retreats Spain | The Special Yoga Retreats

The special retreats that we organize have a concrete subject which should be started, lived through and retreats spainThey are like a journey to the self.  A whole complete experience in which you will release and get all the personal growth that you were more or less consciously seeking. It needs some planning, organization and intention. That is why they need to be on a certain dates, even if we also consider which ones would be easier for our guest to assist.

Yoga retreats Spain | The Yoga Holidays

The yoga holidays spain are other kind of concept, in which we only propose you to come over, enjoy of the sweet atmosphere of Las Palmas and give you the wellness you deserve through daily yoga practice. All mixed with the benefit of living by the sea. Our yoga holiday spain are just an invitation to enjoy. Even if it’s only a yoga weekend or a whole month, we will be happy to share with you the good vibes of our beloved island.