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The increasing number of yoga practitioners has made the practice one of the musts for their holidays and yoga retreats europe. The number of people currently interested in enriching their practice and give their vacations a deeper meaning increases every day. This demand has lead to limitless options when you look for the best yoga retreat.

It is not only about looking for a special place where yoga retreats are organized. Even if we are talking about breath taking spots such as the beaches of Greece, the Mediterranean country side of France or a Croatia yoga cruise, there is always some more research that is recommendable to be done before booking.


Yoga retreats Europe | Why Choosing Our Retreats.

yoga-retreats-europeEvery person who practices yoga and who joins a yoga retreat europe experiences a growing awareness. This new state of being very frequently leads to the consolidation of ethical principles and ecological values. Probably because the more we practice, the more we realize that we are all one. As A.Einstein said:

A person experiences life as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion if consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness.

How can I choose between the best european yoga retreats the one that’s the more responsible?

We want to help you choosing the best yoga retreat by suggesting you some questions that you should ensure that can be answered if you want to make a responsible decision. We will also explain you how we give answers to that questions. The main goal of our yoga retreats europe is to increase the possibilities of having a fantastic time. But we also always remind to make a positive impact in Gran Canaria and the planet in general. Even if in the end, the decision is totally yours, we will be so glad if this list can be helpful. Because as we already know, we are One.


Yoga retreats Europe | Do I Prefer Luxury or Austerity?

There are all sorts of yoga retreat holidays Europe, from luxury villas to rustic huts. It’s true that the principles of the yogic philosophy emphasize the detachment of anything that instruments pleasure, as described by Pantajali in the Yoga Sutras. But he also describes âlasya, a deep lack of enthusiasm, as one of the ninth obstacles towards the evolution of mental clarity. Discipline and austerity can only improve our practice if they arise from compassion for ourselves and our own evolution. It seems like as always, balance is the clue.

So if you feel like you need luxury and all sorts of comforts to fully enjoy of your practice in the best european yoga retreats, give that gift to yourself. But if you feel like you want to find that beautiful balance between comfort and your ethical principles, we have the best yoga retreats europe for you. All of our special yoga retreats take place in a cozy and beautiful ecohostel at Agaete, one of the most special spots of the island. It is a small white village that gives birth to a magic volcanic valley where all sorts of tropical fruits and local wisdom are grown. The perfect place to enjoy of everything that you might need with total respect for the surroundings.


Yoga retreats Europe | Can I Complement my Yoga Practice with Another Activity?

We love yoga, but life is not only about it. You can enhance your retreat with other sort of experiences and activities than can take your yoga retreat holidays europeyoga retreats europe at its best. Maybe it’s about something that you always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or the time. Maybe some other experience that will make you take another step in your own evolution.  Every option that you might choose will be improved by the higher level of awareness that you will enjoy after a daily practice of yoga.  In our getaways you will find all sorts of possibilities to you can choose which wellness yoga retreat suits better your needs. Some examples would be a yoga surf retreat, detox retreats or a yoga teacher training.


Yoga retreats Europe | Does the Teacher Suit my Style?

Even if every teacher learns the same while a yoga teacher training, each one of them has his own voice, preferences and background. That is why at the end, there is as many yoga styles as teachers, making the yoga world richer every day. These different ways of teaching yoga give more variety to our yoga practice and the possibility to find some teacher who we feel we can really commit. As Paulo Cohelo said, Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.

yoga retreats europe

The role of the yoga teacher is important enough to make you either feel in love with the practice or leave it behind. When looking for a yoga retreats Europe, you better do a research before booking. You better make sure that the teachers focuses on the parts of the practice that you value the most. Make any sort of questions that you might need during the booking and stay aware of the answers. We are a team of three teachers and each one of us has a different approach and style. But we follow the same philosophy based in love for the practice and for everything than life has to offer us. You will be able to assist to the lessons of the three of us and also choose if you want to do more with one or we the other. Also, we offer all sorts of retreats in which we collaborate with other yoga teachers and therapists (women retreats, detox retreats, surf and yoga holidays, etc). You are the only one who knows exactly what you need. We are sure you can find it in all our range of possibilities. Just listen to your intuition and you will always be right.


Yoga retreats Europe | Is the Venue Environmentally Friendly?

Most of the yoga retreats that are not held in luxury hotels or villas take care of the natural environment somehow. But there are some of them that put extra consideration into the wellbeing of our planet. Our biggest desire is to help people grow in their way to happiness. Our biggest ambition is do it in an environmental sustainable way. We make all our activities environmentally sustainable and we have a project ‘The Yogi’s Forest’. In this very special project we collaborate with the local Foundation Foresta planting a tree in the land of Osorio for every guest that comes visit to us. Our way to compensate for the carbon emissions that implies each visit of our guests. This was the best way we could think of giving the island something back for the amazing days we spend in her lands.

Yoga retreats Europe | Can I Help Small Local Economies?

Every time you go to a wellness yoga retreat, you are giving a chance to all sorts of local economies to boost. Before booking a retreat, observe weather if the company is collaborating with locals, including them in their business, or simply growing it on their own. This is a very important aspect for us, as we are so grateful that we found home in such a wonderful island as Gran Canaria. Even if the main manager is from mainland Spain, most of our teachers are locals. We also collaborate with all sorts of small local business, such as our surf school, all the restaurants that we recommend and the places where we take our guests to relax and enjoy of the local culture (the winery, thalasotherapy, etc.).

After all these questions are solved, we are sure that you will find which of our special retreat better suits your needs.

All our yoga retreats europe take place in Agaete, one of the most magic places of the island. Here you have a list of all of them, with the link where you will find all the information in detail:


Yoga retreats Europe | Detox Retreats

Take a whole detox experience, cleansing your body, mind and soul. Our detox retreats flow with the seasons of the year. Thus, the sort of delicious foods and yoga practices with which you will be nurtured, will change during the year. You will experience how does it fell to be in tune with Nature. You can find all the information in the following link: Detox Retreats

yoga retreats europe

Yoga retreats Europe | Health and Yoga Retreats

In yoga retreats europe we not only want you to experience how do you feel when you eat raw vibrant foods and practice yoga daily. We also want you to take that experience home. So we organize health retreats in which we include yoga lessons and daily raw food workshops with Lala Kitchen. You can find all the information in the following link: Health Retreats


Yoga retreats Europe | Retreats for Women

A special space where women will find all sorts of opportunities either to evolve a certain part of their life that want to improve, or simply enjoy and share the experience of femininity. We work form several angles everything that being a women entails. It’s always beautiful to see how women of all ages share their experience. One of our most beloved projects are our goddess retreats, where we work around the several archetypes that we women have inside. You can find all the information in the following link: Retreats for women

Yoga retreats Europe | Glow as You Go Yoga Retreats Canary Islands

One of the most  special yoga retreats europe. We will make a journey to our real self through yoga, dance and body awareness workshops. You will observe your resistances and limits, while you find your personal tools to dissolve them. You will feel empowered and really shinning bright. And the most important part, you will really enjoy it. You can find all the information in the following link: Glow as you go yoga retreats


Yoga retreats Europe | Yoga Teacher Training

In our certified 2ooRYT you will learn everything you need to know about all aspects of yoga to become a qualified yoga teacher . You will practice what you’ve learned in real yoga lessons, assisting the main teacher and even teaching other students. But what makes our trainings different is that we help and motivate the future yoga teachers to find their own voice. We help them finding their way to explore their own creativity and essence. We also assist them on how to clearly communicate to the yoga community and to the world. In all our yoga teacher trainings we include dance and body awareness workshops to take the practice to a deeper and more conscious level. You can find all the information in the following link: Yoga Teacher Training

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