Yoga Holidays Spain |The natural swimming pools

yoga holidays spain

Yoga holidays Spain offers you more than yoga. They are the best opportunity to discover the magic of volcanic Nature while you rediscover yourself.

Our yoga holidays in Spain are made for those who are open to be surprised by an authentic experience on an island full of hidden places to be explored.

Nature can be so fanciful when it manifests within the volcano forces. Lava erupts everywhere, magma expands and cools down becoming the owner of the road and bubbling gases get trapped in the midst of this activity. Yoga holidays in Spain with See Yoga will take you to a place that is the result of the power of the Earth. In the north of Gran Canaria, where the volcanic rock decided to stay oceanfront it sounded out Neptune leaving empty spaces to be filled with every high tide. Wherever the ocean finds in volcanic rock somewhere to stay, you will find an intense smell of the ocean, a glittering turquoise and your sudden need to dive into the silence.



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