200h yoga teacher training
The yoga classes I took with Laura and her team where just amazing, I am absolutely pleased with the experience.A part of being professional yoga teachers what it impressed me over all was the way they combined their classes with different and amazing techniques. Truly lovely and loving people. Can’t wait to go back again!!!
I am just coming back for 7 days in a such beautiful island with such nice people ! Thank you Laura for teaching me yoga. To be always aware of our feelings. My first experience practicing yoga with you in Las Palmas will stay forever in my mind ! I invite you guys and girls to go in La Palmas and enjoying yoga lessons in front of the sea with Laura. The best place ever for practicing yoga and feeling all the good vibes of local people ! Namasté !
I look back on 7 days in Paradise! ♥ The island, the sea, the sun, the lovely people, the inspiring yoga sessions of See Yoga, the trip around the island…it was amazing! I so enjoyed the yoga lessons by Laura and Marta. They teach with knowledge and heart, creating a harmonious atmosphere where there is room for both beginners and advanced yogi’s.I will carry the positive vibes and waves with me. Thank you all so much, dear people from See Yoga and all others who I had the pleasure to meet!