Retreat holidays|Plant a tree in Osorio

retreat holidays

Retreat and holidays are an opportunity to let go routine out of the way, stop our inner pace and see clear again.

When we are on a retreat or holidays we just enjoy and breath as much as we can and a lot of new positive ideas come to our mind. We really feel our place within our surrounding. Human beings being one with Nature, with all of us.

During our retreat or holidays we usually give up, stop going against the flow and become again part of this planet. As living beings, the laws of nature will always take us back to them. Balance and all the struggle to stay on it is one of those natural laws that inevitably rule our steps. Make balance be part of our daily life is a wise way to recognize ourselves as living beings. Gran Canaria will give you all sort of experiences, landscapes, disconnection and reconnection. You can balance all that receiving during your holiday, with giving forests a little green. Our proposal is simple and straightforward: for every guest who comes to See Yoga Holidays, we plant a new tree. The forest that we are contributing to grow is in the Finca de Osorio, which belongs to the Nature Reserve of the Doramas Rural Park. Its original length is 4000m2 in which there will be planted about 400 tree of different species belonging to the variety of Laurisilva. The forest is maintained and managed by the Foresta Foundation. Planting a tree on the island is a small gesture, not only to preserve the environment, but to improve it. If every visitor of Gran Canaria cared to do this small gesture, the balance that we strive for in our daily life would be reflected in our environment and it would increasingly expand.You’ve never been so oxygenated as during your yoga holidays. We will take you to plant a tree to help the Nature also breathe.




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