Health retreats|Why Las Palmas?

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Health retreats are the ones that make you feel like having a totally renewed body and mind.

Health retreats are your holidays options not only when your are not feeling good physicaly or emotionally, but also when you want to give to yourself some time to release, energize and restore.

The atmosphere of the place where the health retreats are held has a very special role, as it shelter us, breaths with us and dives into the most hidden spaces of your soul. Las Palmas is a small Canarian city where life becomes intense, peaceful and warm. When we first arrived to Las Palmas a soft and playful feeling filled us, seducing us to surrender and making us want to never leave. Walking, swimming, greeting, stopping, admiring, we wondered why did we know so sure that Las Palmas was our place. Maybe it was because its sailor spirit, that is still alive wandering around the bars, the streets, the gestures. Maybe because of being the Spanish city with the cleanest air of the country according to the OMS or because it embraces in its coast Las Canteras, considered one of the best urban beaches in the world. Maybe it was because it wraps you hopelessly with its intense and gentle rhythm. Maybe because it gives you so much and asks you very little, because it convinces you that silence is possible in an urban environment. Maybe because it offers so many possible cultural and sports activities. Maybe because its distances are small and its experiences are big. Maybe because of its joy,taste and color. Whatever it might be the reason, we know for sure Las Palmas is our place and we are looking forward to sharing it with you.

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