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Meet our amazing teachers of See Yoga retreats who will be here for you to guide you through your practice on the mat. Each of them is different and so special. With each of them, you will experience a unique yoga lesson full of creative variations and transitions.



Yoga teacher and manager

Nomad. This was the word with which Laura felt more comfortable until she found in Gran Canaria a place she could call home. There she stopped, after ten years of working as a researcher in the field of biology and as a professional photographer. Her path since she can remember has always been triggered by the strong will to find a way to be closer to Nature. While following her intuition and moving beyond her fears, she allowed her work to change as she also did.

Her lifestyle was in constant movement so she needed a space where to connect with the body, listen and release. Dance gave her that space and it was her way to connect to herself. Listening to what the body had to tell her was his medicine. Over the years, she found another method of healing through the movement of energy and she trained in the first and second level of Reiki with the teacher Maite Corroto. But it was not until she tried yoga for the first time in 2006 when she knew she had found a place where to stop.

She decided to train as a yoga teacher to begin to share with gratitude what yoga had given her. She joined all kinds of pieces of training and workshops focused on body awareness, dance, body language, and holistic healing to create her own teaching method. She trained for two years as a teacher of the AfroYin® Method, a powerful tool of self-knowledge and personal transformation through movement, awareness, and dance. Incorporating the 5 elements into her practice happened with the same spontaneity as the arrival of spring. Through them, she felt Nature inside as she always fancied in the most daily, intimate and simple way.

Today, she organizes yoga holidays on the island of Gran Canaria and teaches AfroYin® Method workshops. She’s living the greatest journey of her life being a mother of two. In her classes, the five elements dance according to the time of day, the season, the lunar cycle and the energy of the group. She combines Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga practices, along with pranayama and meditation techniques, guiding her students through a deep practice, where they just have to breathe and enjoy.



Passionate about the sea, both from the inside and out. Lover of the big smiles in the water, the quiet days, the salt and the sun. Passionate about travel, people, light. Lover of the visual culture. Underwater photographer. Creative and creator. Marine biologist. Dance and yoga have been her tools to find a way to listen to herself and to help you listen to yourself.

Yoga teacher

Has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years.


She loves photography and has been working on it professionally for 6 years.


Graduated in Biology and Environmental Sciences.


Because the key to personal growth is to really listen.


Nathan Reder

Yoga teacher

Nathan experimented with various disciplines, such as climbing, slackline and yoga, among others, and dedicated himself to living each of them with total enthusiasm. During the years that he explored yoga, first as a student and then as a teacher, he realized that what he liked about its physical practice was not repeating centuries-old movements, but the body in movement. That is why his classes are usually characterized by creative elements, new transitions and variations. Now, he fully enjoys his vocation as a practitioner and teacher, both in yoga and body movement classes.

Patricia Navarro

Yoga teacher

Patricia has always admired art and music, especially singing. She studied Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods at the University of Granada. It was there where she also began to approach yoga out of curiosity. In eternal learning, in pure connection. On her return to Gran Canaria, she decided to deepen into the study of both music and yoga, so she was certified as a yoga teacher (200 h E-RYT). Now, she enjoys her two lives, so complementary and different, as a professional singer and yoga teacher.


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