Enjoy the unique


Breathe, connect, tuck in and move forward. Give your body and mind a space - a space to grow, to express itself and give you what you really need. Everything else will happen naturally.


Yoga for everyone

At See’s yoga retreats, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who has never practiced yoga before or a professional yogi. We have something for everyone. Our classes always happen in small groups, which means we have time to guide you through your practice and give you the best advice we can.

If you want our teachers to be there just for you, you can book private classes and tell us exactly what you expect from the yoga classes.


Variety of classes

Experience the variety of vinyasa yoga classes. Whether you prefer dynamic or restorative classes, we have it all for you! Just come and breathe…

✔️ Sun Vinyasa Yoga (dynamic)

✔️ Moon Vinyasa Yoga (restorative)

✔️ Meditations on the beach

✔️ Candlelight and Aromatherapy Yoga

✔️ Yoga Lab


Special offers

Not enough? Well, here is the list of special See Yoga Holidays workshops that you can include in your retreat:

✔️ Detox yoga

✔️ Improve the alignment of your asanas

✔️ Initiation to meditation. Create your own personal routine

✔️ Inversions

✔️ Learn and deepen into a personalized sequence to start with your home practice

✔️ Rocket 3

✔️ SUP yoga

✔️ Therapeutic Yin yoga and full moon Reiki


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