See Yoga Retreats
In Spain 🇪🇸

See Yoga Retreat
In Spain

Come and be part of our See Yoga Retreats in Spain, a space where your mind and body can simultaneously find relaxation.

Our See Yoga Retreats are held in our yoga studio in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, conveniently located just a street away from the picturesque Las Canteras beach.

During your stay, we offer daily yoga sessions, beach meditation, and guided walks to explore the local area.

Yoga Retreat Spain

See Yoga Retreats in Spain

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Why Choose See Yoga Retreats


The Most Flexible
Yoga Retreat

Join our yoga retreat any day of the week for relaxation and peace, a space to simply be yourself. You want to skip a lesson? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

see Yoga retreat

Yoga For
All Levels

The classes are adapted to all levels, guiding you through the practice so you can fully listen to your body, respect your own rhythm, and enjoy.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain


Craft your own experience throughout the week. Engage in lessons or relax at your leisure. You can discover the island by yourself or book additional activities like attending dance classes, surf lessons, massages and a lot more.

Spain Ocean Views

Island Vibe &
Ocean Views

Let the ocean sound accompany you during our yoga retreat on one of the world’s most stunning islands, Gran Canaria in Spain. The yoga studio is in 1-minute walking distance to the beautiful Las Canteras Beach.


Meet Like-Minded

Find inner connection and bond with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Balance is the key to true well-being. Some of our students have even found their soul mate. Why shouldn’t you be next? 😉

plant a tree

Plant a Tree
With Us

Book yoga retreats here and get a chance to plant a tree by yourself! Experience the wonders of this Spanish Island and give back to nature🌳🧘‍♀️

See Yoga Retreat Spain Packages

Spain Yoga Holiday Retreat

See Yoga Holidays

290€/6 days

Optional Extras

Detox Yoga Holiday Retreat

Detox & Yoga Holidays

550€/6 days

Optional Extras

Dance and Yoga Holiday Retreat

Dance & Yoga Holidays

390€/6 days

Optional Extras

surf holidays

390€/6 days

Optional Extras

Our Yoga Teachers

Laura yoga teacher


Yoga Teacher & Manager

Before changing her career path, Laura dedicated her studies to a PhD in Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences. She then followed her love for dance and transitioned into a professional photography career, working with various clients and brands over a span of seven years. Laura’s introduction to yoga in 2006 marked the beginning of a significant transformation, leading her to become a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) by 2015. Since then, she has further developed her skills with additional training in coaching, neurolinguistic programming, dance, and yoga.


Yoga Teacher

Coral, with a degree in Sports Science from the Canary Islands and a Master’s in Education, found her calling in yoga amid post-university uncertainty. Certified as a 200-hour E-RYT yoga teacher in 2019, she has since pursued various trainings, eager to deepen her practice and teaching methodology.

Coral Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher

Patricia pursued her studies in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Granada, where she also discovered yoga, fostering a lifelong journey of learning and connection. Upon returning to Gran Canaria, she delved deeper into both music and yoga, earning her 200-hour E-RYT yoga teacher certification in 2018. Currently, she skillfully balances her dual careers as a professional singer and yoga instructor, embracing their unique yet complementary nature.

Yoga Retreat Spain

Gran Canaria in Spain

The Spanish island Gran Canaria is perfect for yoga with its sunny weather and calming nature. It’s similar to the other Spanish Islands Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. 

Located in Las Palmas, El Confital beach is a secluded gem perfect for unfurling your yoga mat in tranquility. Distanced from the hustle of Las Canteras, it offers a serene environment where the gentle sounds of the ocean help you achieve equilibrium.

The island of Spain boasts diverse landscapes including mountains, valleys, and the sandy dunes of Maspalomas, all ideal settings for deep breathing and extensive stretching.

With its relaxed vibe, Las Palmas makes integrating yoga into your daily routine effortless, regardless of whether you’re just starting or have been practicing for years.

Try yoga in Spain, you will enjoy it. 

About See Yoga Retreats

Our mission is to aid you in a journey of self-exploration and personal development, be it through yoga, dance, or internal exploration.

Guided by Laura, a qualified RYT500 yoga teacher with expertise in movement and individual coaching, our team provides a diverse array of activities to spark imagination in your practice. Embark on this journey with us to discover your distinct rhythm and way to wellness.

We provide a vibrant setting for yoga retreats in Spain, where you can experience wonderful days filled with yoga, meditation, surfing, dance, play, and healing. This is an opportunity for you to truly embrace your authentic self.

Our team, led by Laura, a certified RYT500 yoga instructor and expert in movement and personal coaching, offers a unique blend of activities to inspire creativity in your practice. Join us to find your unique rhythm and path to well-being.

We are a creative space offering yoga retreats in Spain where you can spend amazing days practicing yoga, meditating, surfing, dancing, playing & healing. This is your time to simply be yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our retreat is great for everyone, whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for years. We make sure our classes work for all levels. So yes, beginners can definitely join us!

The total cost of the retreat varies based on the package and accommodation options you select. You can find the specific prices for each in our pricing table, which lays out the current rates for all available choices. Rest assured, we do not have any hidden fees or extra charges that will surprise you later on. However, you do have the option to add certain extras, like airport transfers, to your package if you choose.

For the retreat, it’s important that you bring a pair of sport shoes suitable for hiking, as we have some wonderful trails to explore. There’s no need to bring your own yoga mat or props, as we have those readily available for your use. Just pack your personal essentials and comfortable clothing, and you’ll be all set for a rejuvenating experience!

Our retreat is located in Spain. It’s the beautiful area of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, right in the friendly neighborhood of Guanarteme. The Spanish diamond is very safe and welcoming, attracting a variety of visitors all year round.

Our goal is to simplify your travel to us. Therefore, on the day before your visit, our devoted team will contact you to provide all the essential details for your trip. We’re here to assist, whether you need guidance on driving, options for public transportation, or help in organizing a transfer, ensuring your arrival is effortless and stress-free.

In our commitment to ensure a hassle-free journey for you, we offer tailored support. The day before you are set to arrive, our committed team will get in touch to supply all the crucial information for reaching our retreat.

Whether it’s assistance with driving directions, exploring public transport choices, or arranging a transfer, we are dedicated to making your arrival smooth and straightforward.

Travel insurance is not a requirement for participating in this retreat; however, if you prefer the peace of mind it can provide, we are more than willing to assist you. Should you decide to opt for travel insurance, please let us know at the time of making your booking. We will then provide you with detailed information regarding the coverage options available through the insurance we offer. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether you’d like to add insurance to your travel plans and what kind of coverage would best suit your needs.

Yes, the sessions will be conducted in English. However, if you are interested in booking private classes, we also offer sessions in Spanish and Italian upon request.

If you’re unable to attend the retreat, there’s no cause for concern, as you have the option to select new dates to join us. In case you need to cancel due to illness or injury, simply inform us, and we’ll provide you with a flexible voucher valid for any dates you choose.

Rest assured about the retreat’s occurrence – we conduct it regardless of circumstances. In the rare event that we must cancel for an exceptional reason, your deposit will be fully refunded without any hassle.

Our policy is designed to be both fair and user-friendly. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance with your booking, feel free to contact us.

Certainly, each of our instructors holds full certification, having finished either a 200-hour or a 500-hour training course accredited by the Yoga Alliance, a highly respected benchmark in the yoga community. Our teachers, on average, have 6 years of yoga teaching experience, guaranteeing that they possess the necessary knowledge and hands-on skill to deliver top-notch teaching.

Our yoga studio is a clean and safe place where we disinfect everything after each class. Our teachers are fully certified and insured, meeting all the rules for teaching in Spain. If you need, you can ask us about getting travel insurance for your trip when you sign up.

If there’s an emergency, don’t worry – there are medical centers both public and private, only a 10-minute walk away from where you’ll be staying.

The daily schedule is made so you have plenty of free time to do what you like. You don’t have to join in any activities if you don’t want to—you can pick the ones that you’re interested in. If you miss an activity, all good, just hop into whatever’s next whenever you feel like it. You’re totally free to come and go as you wish, making your day as busy or as relaxed as you want.

You’ll have a schedule that fits in dance and/or surf if you’ve chosen those options. This could mean you’ll have fewer yoga classes. We’ve put together your personal schedule based on what you told us you liked when you first got in touch. It will blend smoothly with our planned activities.

Your Weekly Plan


  • Free Time: Use this slot for extra activities like surfing, massages, or workshops based on what you enjoy.
  • Yoga: Join us for Sun Vinyasa Yoga from 2 pm to 3:15 pm.
  • Group Fun: We’ll hike to Las Palmas’ volcanoes from 5 pm to 9 pm, timed with the sunset.


  • Morning Yoga: Start with Dynamic Sun Vinyasa Yoga from 9 am to 10:15 am.
  • Yoga Lab: From 2 pm to 3:15 pm, we’ll have a Q&A to help you get more from your yoga practice.


  • Meditation: Start with a quiet session by the beach from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.
  • Yoga: Wind down with Restorative Moon Vinyasa Yoga from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm.
  • Free Time: This slot is open for more of what you like to do.


  • Yoga: Relax with Restorative Moon Vinyasa Yoga from 2 pm to 3:15 pm.
  • Culture Trip: Explore the old town’s colonial charm from 5:15 pm to 9:30 pm.


  • Morning Yoga: Get moving with Dynamic Sun Vinyasa Yoga from 9:30 am to 10:45 am.
  • Free Time: Yours to enjoy as you wish.


  • Free Time: The day is yours to relax or try new activities.


  • Special Yoga: Unwind with candlelight and aromatherapy yoga from 8 pm to 9:15 pm.

Please remember:

The schedule may be adjusted depending on weather conditions to make sure it remains suitable for everyone. However, all the activities and yoga classes you’ve picked will be there for you. 

We’ll give you your final itinerary when you check in.