12 Best Yoga Retreats on Gran Canaria

See Yoga Retreats
See Yoga Retreats

March 24, 2024

Best Yoga retreats in Europe

It’s time for you to reach a whole new level of zen on the captivating island of Gran Canaria – where you can immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty while practicing your self-aware- ness. Integrating yoga into your holiday while surrounded by serene landscapes and a unique ambiance will restore your mind and body balance. Not sure which yoga retreat best suits you and your needs? Here is a comprehensive list of the best yoga retreats in Gran Canaria.

Selecting A Top Yoga Retreat

While it’s undeniable that there are many yoga retreats to choose from, keep in mind the type of experience you would like. Do you want to work on your asanas and meditation techniques? Or maybe you’d like to become more self-aware while gazing at the sunset. Choosing a top yoga retreat means ensuring it aligns with your preferences and goals. As you set off on what could be a life-changing journey, selecting the right retreat can be overwhelming.

Elements such as the overall vibe, activities offered, and the itinerary can help determine if a retreat meets your expectations. Additionally, Gran Canaria offers many opportunities for con- necting with nature to help you achieve a stress-free and relaxed state of mind. So whether you’re looking for your path to enlightenment or trying to master your scorpion pose, Gran Ca- naria has the right yoga retreat for you.

Other essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Location (Beach or mountainside?)
  • Cost vs. Value
  • Yoga Style
  • Activities available
  • Accommodation and amenities
  • Atmosphere
  • Reviews

12 Best Yoga Retreats on Gran Canaria

1. See Yoga Retreats Gran Canaria Canary Islands

See Yoga Retreats Gran Canaria Canary Islands offers a huge selection of activities and packages to choose from. They offer a dance and yoga retreat (and even a surf and yoga retreat) where you can immerse yourself in the island vibes. No matter what level of yoga you like to practice, there is a place for you here.

They also incorporate morning beach meditations and volcano hikes where you can connect with others or choose to do things at your own pace. An ocean view would only make your stay more enjoyable as the yoga studio is only a 1-minute walk from Las Canteras Beach!

Unique Offerings:

  • 100% Flexible Dates
  • Suitable for any level
  • Experienced and English-speaking instructors
  • Additional activities offered
  • Variety of accommodations available

About The Retreat:

Name: See Yoga Retreats Gran Canaria Canary Islands
Address: C. Gravina, 11, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Phone: +34 652 94 06 83

2. Sun Rise Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Gran Canaria

Sun Rise Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Gran Canaria

Find your inner peace with sunrise and sunset meditations and daily yoga sessions. You’ll be able to deeply meditate to the sound of Tibetan bowls and practice yoga in this beautiful set- ting. You’ll also be able to choose from bungalows to stay in for single or double occupancy. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting, three afternoon yoga workshops will also be made available to you.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Sunrise and sunset meditations
  • Evening “Yang and Yin” yoga
  • Private Reiki sessions
  • Ocean view

About The Retreat:

Name: Sun Rise Yoga and Meditation Retreat by Become Yoga
Address: Makai Bungalows, 2 Plaza de los Hibiscus 35100 Maspalomas Spain

3. Yoga Retreat at Finca Shejala

Yoga Retreat at Finca Shejala

Located in a secluded finca near San Mateo, this retreat is a shorter length from Friday after- noon until Saturday. Participate in chanting and mantras and experience the awesome benefits of their sweat lodge. There is also a plant-based cooking workshop and wonderful natural sur- roundings to explore. You can book an upcoming retreat through the instructor, Alena, via in- stagram.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Massages may be booked
  • A Yoga Shala
  • Plant-based cooking workshops
  • Sunrise meditation

About The Retreat:

Name: Yoga Retreat at Finca Shejala

4. La Tejana 6 Day Yoga Retreat in Gran Canaria

With wonderful year-round weather and tranquil surroundings, this retreat will make your yoga and meditation sessions even more enlightening. This unique setting of a hundred-year-old house in El Palmar will have you connecting with nature as you’re welcomed like family by the hosts. You’ll have 6 days in an intimate group setting of 7 people and enjoy activities such as hiking and dancing that can be part of your daily routine.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Classes in English or Spanish
  • Meditation garden
  • Hatha and Nidra Yoga
  • Free wi-fi
  • Café
  • Picnic area

About The Retreat:

Name: 6 Day Retreat Yoga, Hiking, and Meditation in Gran Canaria
Address: Camino El Lomo, 28. 35339, Teror
Phone: +34 664 394 491

5. 7 Day Movement, Nutrition, Adventure Retreat

7 Day Movement, Nutrition, Adventure Retreat

Open to all levels of yoga, this retreat organized by Re.treat is held in the Karibu Lodge in Vega de San Mateo. You’ll find yourself surrounded by all of nature’s most beautiful aspects such as blooming flowers and the landscape of the green valley. This retreat also has a talented chef, Nadine, who cooks with a background in Ayurveda and The Five Elements. Your body will feel refreshed as you connect back to nature and restore your energy with healthy foods.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Mountain and ocean views
  • 3 daily meals
  • 1 physical therapy evaluation
  • Clay paint workshop

About The Retreat:

Location: La Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

6. 5 Days High-End Soul Nurturing Yoga & Hiking Retreat

5 Days High-End Soul Nurturing Yoga & Hiking Retreat

This wonderful retreat is held in a 5-star hotel called Meloneras and hosts classes from Ash- tanga Yoga to Hatha Yoga and more. The meditation and yoga sessions are led by Judith de Jong which are sure to inspire and uplift you to a higher sense of well-being. In addition to daily sessions with Judith, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy nature walks or participate in various outdoor sports such as golf, swimming, or tennis.

Retreat Offerings:

  • 5 swimming pools
  • Multiple yoga styles
  • Diabetic and Vegetarian-friendly
  • Healthy meals (breakfast and dinner) daily

About The Retreat:

Name: 5 Days High-End Soul Nurturing Yoga & Hiking Retreat

7. 6 Day Yoga and Personal Development Retreat

6 Day Yoga and Personal Development Retreat

With instructor Lucy Beckwith and organizer Lydia Dunne, you’ll be able to discover your life’s purpose through yoga and doing whatever else you like at your heart’s content. All activities are optional and meals are deliciously prepared by the talented in-house chef, Poppy. The flexibility here is a stand-out factor as you can decide whether you want to hike in the mornings or sleep in and get some much-needed rest. If you so desire, nearby activities include cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, and more.

Retreat Offerings:

  • 3 daily meals
  • Private chef
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Personal growth workshops
  • Pool

About The Retreat:

Name: 6 Day Yoga and Personal Development Retreat organized by Lydia Dunne
Website: spain

8. Aya House

Aya House

With their slogan “Your Sanctuary in the Sun”, events at the Aya house are held on a residential or non-residential basis where people can enjoy their time participating in activities such as yoga, meditation, massage, and more. At this Finca, a relaxed and nonjudgmental vibe is of utmost importance where your self-development and comfort are their priority. The founder’s mission is to provide stressed individuals with a peaceful setting to experience personal growth and connect with like-minded people.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Beginners are welcome
  • Men-only or female-only classes offered
  • Garden
  • Super king-size beds
  • Wi-fi available

About The Retreat:

9. 7-Day Surf and Yoga

7-Day Surf and Yoga

At Las Canteras Beach, you’ll be able to hone in on your yoga and surfing skills at this sweet retreat – situated right in front of the beach! At this eco-hostel, you’ll be able to take full advantage of up to 90 minutes of yoga classes daily or 2 hours of surfing classes as well. There are many options for accommodations and a huge kitchen available for your cooking skills to take the stage. Surfing equipment will also be available during your stay. All these factors show why HiTide Surf House hosts one of the top yoga retreats in Gran Canaria!

Retreat Offerings:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bicycle rental
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Laundry
  • Classes in English or Spanish

About The Retreat:

Name: HiTide Surf House Surf and Yoga Retreat
Address: Paseo de las Canteras, 57, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

10. Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats

Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats

Experience this retreat if you want to forge a new path to health and wellness in your life. During your 8-day and 7-night stay, Sky Retreats offers morning and evening classes in both yoga and pilates along with a variety of other activities you can try. At their location called Villa Gran Canaria, you’ll be a close 15 minutes from the airport of Gran Canaria and 30 minutes from both Maspalomas and Las Palmas (the capital). With opportunities to go hiking and sailing, a newfound love for life can be discovered on your healthy holiday.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Located in Agüimes, Gran Canaria
  • Six yoga classes offered
  • Hatha and Vinyasa yoga
  • In-house vegetarian and vegan chefs
  • Ensuite rooms available

About The Retreat:

Name: Sky Retreats
WhatsApp: +34 666 261 273

11. 6 (or 7) Days Retreat in Teror (Las Palmas)

6 (or 7) Days Retreat in Teror (Las Palmas)

With an enjoyable balance between free time in nature and yoga workshops, this retreat in Teror will help you disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle of life. With the opportunity to stay in a late 19th-century house, you will have a chance to walk through Doramas Rural Park along with other excursions to discover what the island has to offer.

Retreat Offerings:

  • Alternative Yoga workshops
  • Yoga dance, meditation and Yoga Nidra offered
  • 3 Mediterranean or vegetarian meals daily
  • Spanish and English

About The Retreat:

12. Yogalife’s Fitness, Yoga and Detox Retreat

Yogalife’s Fitness, Yoga and Detox Retreat

At this retreat with the perfect combination of yoga and group PT sessions their goal is to help you create the best version of you. Consider this as a place where you will be able to meet others who are like-minded in the realm of health and wellness while building your body with highly nutritious meals. They also have a secluded secret beach which they say is only a 100 meters away from their location! 

Retreat Offerings:

  • Pool
  • Tennis courts, climbing wall and gym
  • Plant-based meals
  • En-suite cabins with single or twin occupancy

About The Retreat:

Name: Yogalife’s Fitness, Yoga and Detox Retreat

Final Words

Gran Canaria offers a beautifully diverse and natural environment that can cater to your yoga preferences. Based on your holiday goals and in-depth research, you’ll soon be able to find a retreat that matches your pace and aligns with your personal needs!

The best yoga retreats in Gran Canaria will tend to have several things in common beyond their picturesque landscapes – such as:

  • Expert instructors
  • Outdoor activities
  • Flexibility and Affordability
  • Beautiful facilities


See for yourself why Gran Canaria is a highly sought destination for those seeking an improved sense of mind, body, and spirit through yoga.