12 Breathtaking Yoga Retreats in Europe for 2024

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April 18, 2024

Best Yoga Retreats in Europe

Top European Yoga Retreats

Europe is home to many iconic landmarks along with numerous historical sites waiting to be explored. Planning your next European holiday does not have to be stressful since there are now many options for renewing your mind, body, and spirit.

By trying out some of the best yoga retreats in Europe, your traveling experience can also be a chance to restore your zen. Even if you may be new to yoga, many retreats also offer beginner classes to try! Attending a yoga retreat while on your long-awaited vacation is a chance to satisfy your wanderlust while reconnecting to your inner self.

Selecting A Top Yoga Retreat

Selecting a top yoga retreat abroad means using important criteria to help you choose what best suits your needs. While most retreats can accommodate different levels of yoga, you might want to consider what type of yoga will be practiced if this is your main concern. Furthermore, if you haven’t decided where to travel yet – what location or environment are you hoping to unwind in and explore?

Many locations in Europe can provide the breathtaking backdrop for your next yoga routine. As you make your travel plans, consider what other sights you’d like to experience! Greece is home to alluring cliffs and views such as in Santorini. Spain has the excitement and cultural vibe of cities such as Barcelona. Additionally, other countries like Ireland have a dramatic, yet natural scenery to inspire your next meditation session.

While the options may be overwhelming, doing in-depth research can help provide more insight into what you’re truly looking for.

Choosing the Ideal European Yoga Retreat

Here are some main characteristics to consider:

  • Yoga style and teacher certifications
  • Retreat location
  • Scheduling and itinerary
  • Extracurricular activities available
  • Other offerings (meditation sessions, massage, workshops, etc.)
  • Accommodation and amenities
  • Reviews and testimonials

12 Best Yoga Retreats in Europe

1. See Yoga Retreats in Gran Canaria, Spain

see yoga retreats gran canaria

With a unique program in beautiful weather year-round, See Yoga Retreats in Gran Canaria is the ideal retreat for everyone. Striking a unique balance between self-exploration and reconnecting with nature, See Yoga Retreats has activities such as beach meditation and discovery walks made available with a flexible booking schedule. With an exceptional package called their Surf & Yoga Holiday, you will have the opportunity to experience surf classes, beach meditations, and even a volcanic hike.

Unique offerings include:

  • 100% flexible dates
  • Yoga sessions for all levels
  • Plenty of leisure time
  • Options for additional classes (dance or surf)
  • 1 minute from Las Canteras Beach
  • Shared or private accommodations (depending on availability)


About the retreat:

Name: See Yoga Retreats Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Address: C. Gravina, 11, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Phone: +32 608 02 00 01


2. Yoga Rocks Retreats, Crete, Greece

Yoga Rocks retreat Crete Greece

If you find yourself feeling drawn to the exquisite coast of Crete in Greece, Yoga Rocks Retreats has made the list of top yoga retreats in Europe. Named after the stunning Triopetra rock formation, this retreat has raving reviews and has been described as nothing short of a transformative experience. Boasting their 1-minute proximity to the ocean, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring landscapes at this location! You can visit the bay of Agios Pavlos where you can even try rock jumping or snorkeling.

Unique offerings include:

  • Various yoga styles (ashtanga, bhakti flow, and more)
  • Locally sourced food, vegetarian meals
  • Typically run Saturday to Saturday
  • en suite rooms available
  • Mediterranean views


About the retreat:

Name: Yoga Rocks Crete


Phone: +30 6907688381


3. Sunshine Yoga Retreats, Tarifa, Spain

Sunshine Yoga Retreat Tarifa Spain

You’ll find Tarifa in Spain at the southernmost tip of the country where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet. The laid-back vibe of this coastal location will give you access to wonderful water activities such as kayaking or windsurfing. With a focus on Yin & Yang, yoga teachers Mona and Gunnar help you find the necessary balance to attain health in all aspects. By harnessing Vinyasa Flow and the stillness of meditation, this retreat embodies the concept that there is freedom in silence and introspection.

Unique offerings include:

  • Includes 30 hours of intensive yoga, pranayama & meditation
  • Two nature hikes
  • Private chefs
  • Beach access
  • Massage therapists available


About the retreat:

Name: Yoga Sunshine


Phone: +34 646 867 376

4. Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, UK

Yorkshire Centre for wellbeing Ireland

Situated in Harrogate, the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing is impressive to visit in May as Spring blossoms remind visitors of the beauty of reconnecting with nature. A popular and upcoming retreat dubbed Chakra Yoga Retreat incorporates elements of meditation, Chakra balancing, and yoga. While the aim is to help individuals experience true healing and tranquility, teachers James and Sam also focus on psycho-emotional principles. Other retreats are also made available by the Yorkshire Centre throughout the year.

Unique offerings include:

  • Single or shared rooms available
  • Close to Yorkshire Dales
  • Ayurvedic practices and menu
  • All levels of yoga and meditation

About the retreat:

Name: Yoga Sunshine

Address: 40 Duchy Road, Harrogate HG1 2ER


Phone: 01423 524893

5. Yoga Corfu Holidays, Greece

Corfu Yoga Holidays Greece

With Yoga Corfu Holidays, you will never have to choose between a pristine sandy beach or meaningful daily yoga. While embodying island vibes and experiencing various outdoor activities, this particular holiday can suit your yoga needs no matter what level you are. On this holiday, you can take advantage of two daily 75-minute sessions of yoga (morning and evening) while doing other activities you desire in between. You can make use of their multiple sun beds, sit out on your terrace, or simply unwind in your air- conditioned room.

Unique offerings include:

  • Single or shared rooms with ocean view
  • Multiple Yoga styles
  • Free airport transfer
  • Hiking or kayaking
  • Corfu Town visits
  • Island tours

About the retreat:

Name: Yoga Corfu Holidaypage4image12543168

Address: Agios Gordios, 49084 Corfu, Greece


Phone: (+30) 6936578677

6. Creacon Wellness Retreat, Ireland

Creacon Wellness retreat Ireland

Hosting a variety of retreats throughout the year, Creacon Wellness Retreat has a unique holiday experience for everyone. With their Yoga & Mindfulness holiday, you’ll be greeted with fresh juice, settle into your distraction-free room, and then be given a Soulful Food menu. Practicing Yoga Nidra and meditating to the sound of crystal bowls will help ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep. With this tranquil holiday, you will undoubtedly see why they are one of the best European yoga retreats.

Unique offerings include:

  • 2 nights deluxe accommodation
  • Single or double occupancy
  • All meals included
  • Infrared sauna
  • Ice bath

About the retreat:

Name: Creation Wellness Retreat

Address: New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland


Phone: +353 (0) 51 446 666

7. Yoga On Kos Retreats, Greece

Yoga on Kos Greece

Nestled among endless olive groves embodying relaxing coastal vibes, the yoga retreats on the laid-back island of Kos will leave visitors wanting for nothing. On this self-paced holiday, you will be able to experience true pampering while having the time to yourself you’ve been looking for. The tranquility does not compromise the opportunities for excitement, however, as outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, or cycling can be squeezed in. Visit Kos and see why a yoga retreat at this location is nothing short of life-transforming.page5image11674816

Unique offerings include:

  • Hatha flow and Yin yoga
  • Plant-based dinners by on-site chef
  • Visit natural hot springs
  • 5-minute walk to Aegean sea

About the retreat:

Name: Yoga on Kos


Whatsapp: +30 6940552090

8. Summersalt Yoga Retreats, Vis Island, Croatia

summersalt yoga retreats croatia

Boasting a focus on yoga, wellness & travel, Summersalt Yoga Retreats offers different packages depending on what activities you enjoy. You can travel around the island of Croatia, do a stand-up paddle Yoga Retreat, or choose the package centered around the healing aspects of the sea. The unique Adventure package offers exciting opportunities to go on nature hikes, go on cave tours, and see other beautiful landscapes of Vis. Find true connections with other like-minded people and discover why Summersalt Yoga Retreats is one of the top yoga retreats in Europe.

Unique offerings include:

  • Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Yin
  • Vegetarian and plant-based meals
  • 10-minute walk to the beach
  • Pool
  • En suite rooms with A/C

About the retreat:

Name: Summersalt Yoga


Address: Zagrebacka 2C, 21450 Vis, Croatia 
Phone: +385 989 516 431 

9. Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats, Turkey

Huzur Vadisi Retreats Turkey

Hosting a variety of retreat programs throughout the year, Huzur Vadisi is recognized as Turkey’s most well-known yoga venue. Established in 1993, this impressive center is nestled in a serene mountain region among pine trees and olive groves. The facility’s program is full of unique retreats to choose from and have been given wonderful reviews by returning guests. This location is a reminder that yoga and nature go hand in hand, especially while on holiday.

Unique offerings include:

  • Vegetarian and vegan meals
  • Ensuite accommodations
  • Pool
  • Free wifi

About the retreat:

Name: Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats


10. Sivananda Yoga Centers, Austria

Sivananda yoga retreats Austria

Situated in Reith, Tyrol, Austria, Sivinanda Yoga is a well-sought-after center for attaining a higher level of wellness through yoga. It is named after Swami Sivananda, an internationally known yogi who established the Divine Life Society. This location can rightfully say they support his motto, “Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize.” This unique retreat helps those on holiday embrace healthy habits such as proper exercise, diet, Pranayama (breathing), meditation and relaxation!

Unique offerings include:

  • Daily workshops
  • Single our double occupancy
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Finnish sauna
  • Access to swimming (Giehringer Pond or Schwarzsee Lake)


About the retreat:

Name: Sigananda Yoga Vedanta Retreat House

Phone: +43 5356 67 404


11. Asturias Yoga Retreats, Los Picos, Spain

If you find yourself being drawn to the vibrant and dynamic vibe of Spain, plan a holiday at the Asturias Yoga Retreats. You’ll find them on the breathtaking mountains of Picos de Europa in an off-grid and self-sufficient venue. Hosting multiple retreats and workshops year-round, choosing this location will feel like home as reported in one of their testimonials. Experiencing their quaint accommodations along with the knowledgeable yoga workshops will leave you planning your next retreat with them before it’s even over.

Unique offerings include:

  • Daily excursions
  • Eco-friendly location
  • Variety of accommodations
  • 3 vegetarian meals daily
  • Massage therapy 

About the retreat:

Name: Asturias Yoga

Phone: (+34) 635 256 906


12. Marnie Yoga Retreats, England, United Kingdom

marnie yoga retreats north yorkshire England

Located in Middlesbrough, England, Marnie Yoga Retreats will have you feeling renewed and refreshed through their various yoga and meditation workshops. The retreats are organized and taught by Marnie, who began her journey doing yoga in 2000. Explore the exciting scenes of Middlesbrough while transforming your body, mind, and spirit with Marnie’s distinct teaching style.

Unique offerings include:

  • Multiple styles of yoga taught
  • All levels welcome
  • Relaxing and adventure activities

About the retreat:

Name: Marnie Yoga

Final Words

Planning your next yoga holiday in Europe does not have to be a daunting or overwhelming task. Remember to conduct thorough research and decide what country you’d like to explore while advancing your yoga practice.page8image11980544

Characteristics of the best European yoga retreats:

  • Breathtaking location
  • Knowledgable instructors
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Plenty of outdoor activities
  • Beautiful accommodations
  • Great reviews


You’ll find that the best yoga retreats in Europe have the finest characteristics in common. These inviting elements will encourage you to leap into your newfound wellness while achieving the balance your spirit has been yearning for.