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Each person is a unique world of desires, goals, physiology, emotions, feelings, nerves, muscles … we all are different and unique.


In See Yoga we give a special value to diversity because we believe that it is what makes our world rich and thrilling. Here you will find a space where you can simply be yourself, where all levels and all reasons to practice yoga are more than welcome.


During the classes, you will always be encouraged to listen to your body and let it be your guide. We will suggest you all kinds of modifications that will help you build your own practice and deepen into it. The types of yoga that you will practice in the classes will vary organically depending on the time of the day and the energy of the group.

“The only thing you need to practice yoga is to be able to breath”
    Especially in the mornings. The combination of Vinyasa Flow yoga and Ashtanga modified series will lead you along a dynamic and stimulating practice. As you connect each of your movements with your breathing, tensions will disappear and you will improve your strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. A detoxifying, soothing and revitalizing practice.
    Mostly in the evenings. A gentle Hatha and Yin yoga classes that will invite you to recover and sweetly let go every tension held in your mind and body. Your inner balance will be restored and you will feel aligned again, toned up and recovered. A relaxing, releasing and recovering kind of practice.
    Some minutes at the end of every class. One full session in the Nature once a week. An invitation to calm your mind, travel into yourself or simply breath. A way to give some fresh air to your brain and to yourself. Different meditation techniques will guide you through this sessions, combined with visualizations, breathing and corporal awareness exercises. Some other times, we will simply enjoy the silence.
    The intention of the yoga practice is totally up to you. You can get from it anything that you seek. You just have to listen, open up to the experience and be your own guide to let your body take you to new places inside of yourself. You will feel more light, more serene, more free. You will feel more you.

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