Best yoga retreats | Why Gran Canaria?

best yoga retreats

Best yoga retreats in Europe have been born even before yoga arrived to our occidental lands.

Best yoga retreats started to appear in Europe when someone discovered stunning places such as Gran Canaria and the only thing this someone could do was feel the Nature and breath.

Surely you remember that time when the discussions with yourself about which was the best yoga retreats to go for your holidays were so long that when you finally decided it was too late. Perhaps after so much thinking, the flights,the possible accomodations and even the motivation of taking some time to relax were over. We propose you that this time and forever, the only thing you do when you choose your destiny is to be aware if the mere sound of its name moves you. Take action when something tells you that this is the place, let yourself be surprised by what you find, enjoy the feeling of doing something “just because”.We offer you this island as an option to come and experience something different. Gran Canaria knows how to move us, we are sure it will know how to move you. Dip into its eternal spring, kindness and the good humor of its people. Because only you will understand the true meaning of the word “contrast” when you see the green of the laurisilva forest on the reddish black of the volcanic cliffs surounded by the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Because you can appreciate this contrast only with only one hour ride. Because it has kept on its old colonial style buildings the beautiful memories of southern influences. Because you will only be able to say that you know what the traditional cuisine is when you taste the “papas con mojo”. Because you will melt yourself with pleasure when you try its tropical fruits. Because you will be welcome to one of the places in Europe that has preserved an own soft and human pace. Because of its authenticity. Because of its warmth. Because of its heart. Now tell us if Gran Canaria is already moving you inside.



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