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Best yoga retreats are the ones that can take you through a journey to explore your true self, let your creativity flow and empower for a renewed perspective.

Best yoga retreats can open your mind and soul to let new possibilities and ideas flow. Imagine a state of being when your body feels lighter and your spirit is free enough to express in all sort of creative ways.

Best yoga retreats only can evolve in landscapes like a valley where rich and pure water runs a few meters below the ground, flooding the landscape with a burst of green pointing toward the blue sky. A place where you can feel sheltered surrounded by mountains with the gaze resting on the sea. A place ruled by a magic and volcanic force, a vibrant power that shimmers with each of your steps, with each of your sighs. A white town with its own pace where everywhere you look you will find tropical fruit trees, coffee plantations, vineyards. A burst of life that seems to recall that one day the same valley was inhabited by peoples who worshiped the four elements. A place where you can walk along the paths, the sorrow dissolves, the heart expands and the song you hum becomes one with the heartbeat of the Earth. Imagine that this place exists in western Gran Canaria. Imagine that its called Agaete Valley and that is already waiting for you.

If you want to know more about our yoga holidays, you can check them out in the International Yoga Centers Directory.


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