Yoga Training | The healing power of the five elements

Our 200h Yoga Teacher Training is based on how to balance the five elements in your body and all of your aspects of your daily life.

The five elements are present in everything that surrounds us, also in our body. In our Yoga Teacher Training we will study how to make them our best companions so that they can become part of our routines and we can also share it with others.

But if it’s not your time yet to join our Yoga Teacher Training, we can give you already some tips to learn how to balance them to fill up your life with a vibrant health. Ancient Hindu philosophy and Ayurveda practices already stated that the energies that carry the natural qualities of the elements can heal us completely. In all shamans rituals, the five elements are honored as a necessary guides of the ceremonies.

five element yoga teacher training

In every tradition most of the qualities attributed to each element are the same.


Calming and grounding. Brings mental stability and structure. In our body it’s represented in the skeletal system, muscles, hair and organs. In the mind it brings mental stability and structure to our life. When in balance, makes you feel abundant and nurtured.


Provides the ability to adapt, flow, act selflessly, and avoid unhealthy attachments. Represents fluid in the body such as plasma, urine, salvia, sweat, any body fluids. In the mind it brings in feelings of attachment, love and compassion. When in balance life seems to flow naturally, we emphasize for others and get in touch with our emotions.


Brings confidence, passion and courage. Represents the heat and transformation in our body. It helps to regulate our digestive system and metabolism. In the mind it brings clear perception and discernment.  Fire is our inspiration, motivation, courage to act, feel passionate and  overcome stagnation.


A channel for clear communication and self-expression.Represents everything moving throughout the body such as blood circulation, nerve impulses, movement of the joints, and the breath. In the mind air moves our thoughts and emotions.Air infuses us with curiosity and inspires us to converse with others, acting from a place of compassion and love.


A container for all the other elements. We like to call eter love because it is the source of intuition and wisdom from the universe. In the body, it’s represented by the space that creates empty spaces or cavities that quickly get filled by the other elements. In the mind space represents consciousness. It’s what connects us to the everything so when in balance, it gives a sensation of belonging, expansion and magnificence.

If you want to know more about how to balance your five elements in your daily life, we have created a page with lots of useful information. Just click here and enjoy!