Bachelorette party packs

You are about to get married and your mind is full of those thousand things that you still have to organize. A hurricane of thoughts and emotions are overwhelming you. A lot of events are awaiting: the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the next-day brunch, and of course the bachelorette party.  Furthermore, you want to be radiant and full of energy when the wedding comes. We guess it’s time for some yoga.


Bachelorette Party | Tips to Make it Unforgettable 

bachelorette partyYou are a bride to be or a friend of a bride who wants to organize the best bachelorette party ever. But when you think about how, when, where and what you already start to feel sick. We want to bring you some good news. With our affordable bachelorette party packs we make it so easy. We can provide you the sort of accommodation that you wish right in front of the beach, daily yoga lessons and all sorts of different activities (surftrips, daytrips, paragliding, etc) that will make your bachelorette party packs unforgettable. If you want to make it more special than just go partying, which you can also do it in Las Palmas, you found the perfect option. Some days to release from the tensions of the wedding preparations and enjoy of some unforgettable days with your friends in the Canary Islands. Now that you just found us you can email us explaining a little bit more about how many people you are and what would you wish. We will provide you with a special bachelorette party travel pack.

Also, we wanted to help you a little more giving you organize an unforgettable bachelorette parties.  Even if it can be a very useful guidance, feel free to reorganize the timing or adding any fun bachelorette party ideas that might want to include in the party. To start with it, why don’t you follow Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful ritual? As Aniston explains

One tradition I have with my friends is that when one of us gets married, we have a ton of fragrance oils and pretty bottles at the bachelorette party. Everyone puts a drop or two in a bottle for the bride and makes a wish, and the bride wears our creation on her wedding day.

You will find all sorts of good ideas on what to do and how to do it on  when organizing a party for the bride.  The difficult part is how to organize it without loosing our minds. So our suggestions are on that sense. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also check out  The Knot.


Bachelorette Party | Three (or More) Months Before


Bachelorette Party | Ask the Bride what She Wants

bachelorette partyIt’s important to know what does the bride wants and what does she want to avoid.  It is important that you consider the preferences of the guest of honor. But in order to keep your plans centered on togetherness, make sure the destination of the bachelorette party packages offers something for everyone at an affordable price. And from there, you can start building up the party.


BParty | Establish her Comfort Levels

Keep in mind not only what she wants, but also how she wants it. You can organize for her any kind of game or fill her with bachelorette party gifts. But always remember to indulge her. You want her to relax and enjoy and embarrassing her isn’t the good way.


BParty | Save the Date

You can either celebrate a Saturday night some days before the wedding or go on a getaway some months before. It’s totally up to you and the bride to be. But what it’s important that all he members of the bridal party can come over. Either if you go for a bachelorette party travel or a girls night, saving the date in advance is always crucial.


BParty | Create the Guest List

In case the party is a surprise for the bride, it’s useful to have some time to skneak into her contacts and start to inform her girl friends. It’s the only way you can begin to make some planning and be sure everyone knows about it. The people invited shouldn’t necessarily be all the wedding guests. It’s even also fine to invite to the bridal party coworkers or neighbors who may not be invited  to a small wedding. For organization reasons, it’s usually best to keep it small: under 20 and 10 guests is ideal for planning bachelorette party.


Bachelorette Party | Two Months Before


bachelorette partyBachelorette Party | Send Save-the-date Emails

Managing the guest list is an important part. An email previous to the invitations can help everyone to start organizing their. If you are having the bridal shower party away, include all the details so the guests can plan accordingly. If someone can’t attend due to work, cost or schedule, ask them to email you separately to keep the group emails upbeat.


BParty | Brainstorm

Brainstorm together possible plans, game and party favors for the bachelorette party. You can even make it a surprise for the bride if you want, but make sure she’s going to enjoy them.


BParty | Book everything that is needed

If the bachelorette party will take place at a specific place or it will be a bachelorette party travel, it’s time to make all the reservations that you might need (tickets, lodging, transportation details, etc)  When booking venues or bachelorette party packages, don’t be afraid to ask for group discounts. In our specific case, we are always open to negotiate in case of groups, to offer you the best bachelorette party pack that we can.


BParty | Secure transportation arrangements

Alcohol and bachelorette parties often go hand in hand, so be responsible and plan ahead. It’s time to book a bus or any time of transportation that you might need. If you are leaving on a getaway, it’s also time to start looking for the flights. If you want to book a bachelorette party pack with us, we can advice you on the best way to get to Las Palmas. Just contact us or you can also check our faq


Bachelorette Party | One Month Before


Bachelorette Party | Send Invitations bachelorette party

Either emails, calling or traditional invitations for a bachelorette party work. Usually it’s traditional for the guests to chip in for the guest of honor. Barken a very well known and experienced wedding planner says

Aside from travel expenses, the entire group is expected to cover all activities or meal expenses for themselves as well as the bride.

As the maid of honor, it’s a nice gesture to buy gifts and decorations. It is totally acceptable to ask the group for any contributions, be it in money or time. So make sure your invitation politely informs guests that the contribution will be expected (and be sure to specify how much).


BParty | Devise the itinerary

You are organizing a bachelorette party where a whole bunch of people will go. Either if you book a bachelorette party pack or if you want to go clubing, make sure your itinerary is clear, easy and coherent. You can start with a dinner and map out all the places where you will go afterwards. Knowing the concrete plan will help you to book any service that you might need during the night in advance. Even the transportation between the different locations where you will enjoy of the bachelorette party . Make all necessary reservations, even at bars. It’s also time to ask about special group discounts.


BParty | Make a shopping list

If you’re celebrating a bachelorette party at home, you can start thinking on making a list with all you need to buy for that day. We know it sounds unnecessary, but it will make you avoid getting on your nerves some days before the day comes. Also, if you want to book bachelorette party packages, it will be very helpful to know in advance what you need to bring to your journey (music playlists, movie lineups, bridal gifts, etc.)


Bachelorette Party | One Week Before


Bachelorette Party | Buy Gifts or Party Accessories

You don’t have to necessarily give gifts to the bride on a bachelorette party. But it is a great moment to bring small fun party gifts or even sexy ones such as lingerie. Maybe you could also ask everyone to wear a gag gift. Whatever you might think that will make everyone have a good time before the wedding. Also, it’s also a good time to buy bachelorette party accessories like candy jewelry or any other party supplies.


BParty | Prepare the Games

Is time to start making a list of the games you want to play at the bachelorette party. Write down the rules and how-tos. You can also customize and decorate the instructions if you want to take them during the girls night. If you have the games planned one week in advance and you booked a bachelorette party travel pack, you can be sure that you will feel relaxed once you start the journey. Is the best way to start enjoying it from the beginning! As H. Jackson Brown Jr. said,

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

BParty | Confirm 

To be sure that you won’t have any deceptions once you arrive to where you are going to celebrate the bachelorette party, just confirm. The RSVPs, the transportation arrangements, the at-home entertainment if you have it. All those simple steps will make the party easy and ready to be enjoyed.


Bachelorette Party | One Day Before


Bachelorette Party | Debriefing everyone bachelorette party

Even if the party is a surprise, you should inform the bride about those things that you fell she might need to know in advance. Also, remind the guests of the meeting place and time, as of the several stops planned. If they need to bring anything for the celebration, you can also remind them then.

BParty | Reconfirm all reservations

Even if you’ve done it one week before, it’s never too much! Make sure that everything is sorted out and well organize in order you can also enjoy of the venue.

BParty | Get plenty of sleep

This is probably the best advice that we can give you. Either if you go for a night party or for a bachelorette party travel, you should make sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest. You’ve been organizing it for so long and you are such an important guest… just take the time to get ready! And remember what Cyndi Lauper said: “Girls just wanna have fun”


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