Practicing yoga breathing staring at the blue, listening to the sound of the ocean, releasing into the breadth of an open space, is priceless. The sea breeze contains an infinite number of trace elements that enrich the air. Next to the sea our respiratory system improves, promoting a greater blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the internal organs, the nervous system, the glandular system, the muscles, the skin. As you practice on our rooftop, you can let the sea breeze help you loosen up and clean up all the unnecessary.


The place where our yoga practice develops can support us in our movements. Our place is small and cozy, which guarantees 7 students per class maximum. With a personal and close treatment, you can find the place where you feel at ease, deepening and enjoying of your practice. As our studio is very close to the lodgings, all our students can come changed with their yoga clothes from their accommodation in order to start directly the class.


Practicing yoga outdoors makes us be in contact with nature, revitalizes us and allows us to achieve a unity with everything around us. Gran Canaria offers us an infinite number of natural places where we can merge with the beats of the Earth and receive all the benefits of connecting with an environment as alive as ours.