retreat holidays

Retreat and holidays are an opportunity to let go routine out of the way, stop our inner pace and see clear again.

When we are on a retreat or holidays we just enjoy and breath as much as we can and a lot of new positive ideas come to our mind. We really feel our place within our surrounding. Human beings being one with Nature, with all of us.

During our retreat or holidays we usually give up, stop going against the flow and become again part of this planet. As living beings, the laws of nature will always take us back to them. Balance and all the struggle to stay on it is one of those natural laws that inevitably rule our steps. Make balance be part of our daily life is a wise way to recognize ourselves as living beings. Gran Canaria will give you all sort of experiences, landscapes, disconnection and reconnection. You can balance all that receiving during your holiday, with giving forests a little green. Our proposal is simple and straightforward: for every guest who comes to See Yoga Holidays, we plant a new tree. The forest that we are contributing to grow is in the Finca de Osorio, which belongs to the Nature Reserve of the Doramas Rural Park. Its original length is 4000m2 in which there will be planted about 400 tree of different species belonging to the variety of Laurisilva. The forest is maintained and managed by the Foresta Foundation. Planting a tree on the island is a small gesture, not only to preserve the environment, but to improve it. If every visitor of Gran Canaria cared to do this small gesture, the balance that we strive for in our daily life would be reflected in our environment and it would increasingly expand.You’ve never been so oxygenated as during your yoga holidays. We will take you to plant a tree to help the Nature also breathe.


yoga holidays spain

Yoga holidays Spain offers you more than yoga. They are the best opportunity to discover the magic of volcanic Nature while you rediscover yourself.

Our yoga holidays in Spain are made for those who are open to be surprised by an authentic experience on an island full of hidden places to be explored.

Nature can be so fanciful when it manifests within the volcano forces. Lava erupts everywhere, magma expands and cools down becoming the owner of the road and bubbling gases get trapped in the midst of this activity. Yoga holidays in Spain with See Yoga will take you to a place that is the result of the power of the Earth. In the north of Gran Canaria, where the volcanic rock decided to stay oceanfront it sounded out Neptune leaving empty spaces to be filled with every high tide. Wherever the ocean finds in volcanic rock somewhere to stay, you will find an intense smell of the ocean, a glittering turquoise and your sudden need to dive into the silence.


Book yoga retreat in a magical island where the summer lasts all year long.

Book yoga retreat where you can really be sure that you will feel at home.Where always a time comes when you start thinking which would be the best moment to go back.

Book yoga retreat where the sound of the sea is the only one that dares to break the silence. The warmth of the sand make you want immediately to stick your feet in it. You just got out of the water after being swimming for a while on a sunny winter afternoon. Your wet skin is still receiving the caresses of the sun. You can smell the sunscreen that you’ve had to use so that the color will not betray you when you go back home. You open your book and just let yourself go into the feeling of summer in the middle of December. Every time you turn the page, it comes to your mind the fresh air guiding your steps that morning while you walked through the pine forest of Tamadaba. The smell of the forest, the humidity of the earth, the sound of the leaves cracking under your feet. The feeling of summer becomes alpine and you remember how the same night before, when you went out of the cave house where your spent the night, the sky was so starry that it seemed to fall over you making you burst into pure light. The day before you had traveled the road to reach the emblematic Roque Nublo, had walked through the picturesque village of Tejeda and had finished chatting in the cave house with of one of the residents of Acusa Seca. Book yoga retreat in See Yoga Holidays and make this history your own.

detox retreat

Best yoga retreats are the ones that can take you through a journey to explore your true self, let your creativity flow and empower for a renewed perspective.

Best yoga retreats can open your mind and soul to let new possibilities and ideas flow. Imagine a state of being when your body feels lighter and your spirit is free enough to express in all sort of creative ways.

Best yoga retreats only can evolve in landscapes like a valley where rich and pure water runs a few meters below the ground, flooding the landscape with a burst of green pointing toward the blue sky. A place where you can feel sheltered surrounded by mountains with the gaze resting on the sea. A place ruled by a magic and volcanic force, a vibrant power that shimmers with each of your steps, with each of your sighs. A white town with its own pace where everywhere you look you will find tropical fruit trees, coffee plantations, vineyards. A burst of life that seems to recall that one day the same valley was inhabited by peoples who worshiped the four elements. A place where you can walk along the paths, the sorrow dissolves, the heart expands and the song you hum becomes one with the heartbeat of the Earth. Imagine that this place exists in western Gran Canaria. Imagine that its called Agaete Valley and that is already waiting for you.

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