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200h Yoga Teacher Training. A Five Elements Dance.

23rd of June - 14th of July

(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

This 200h yoga teacher training  aims to teach you consciously work with the 5 elements through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga. Nature is our greatest teacher. We can learn a lot only by observing the cycles of the sun and the moon, listening to the sounds of nature and tuning in to the effects of the seasons on our body. The more we are in harmony with Nature, its rhythms and energies, the more well-being we will attract to our lives.

A powerful way to align with Nature is to become aware of the five elements that make up everything around us: air, fire, water, earth and love (ether). We share these same components with the people we love, the foods we eat and the environments in which we live. In this 200h yoga teacher training We will learn to use them and balance them through asanas, prayanama, meditations and small rituals to enjoy of a vibrant health. Thus, we will base our life on a greater awareness and we will learn to channel the healing energy of the natural world.

In case you want to become a yoga teacher once the training is finished, we will help you find your voice so that you can put everything you learned into the service of others.

This Vinyasa 200h Yoga Teacher Training is empowered by all you can yoga™.

200h yoga teacher training
200h yoga teacher training

200H Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance.